December 2022

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Teacher / Creative

​I believe we should learn from cultures who value cooperation -- cultures that uphold principles of reciprocity, respect, pleasure, and love. We all have a choice for how we spend our precious time. This website is dedicated to all of you.  

My name is Brady Calestro. I live in New York City. I'm a teacher, a creative, and an entrepreneur. And I'm interested in creating new opportunities that involve the intersection of all three.


Along the way, I'm looking for collaborators, friends, cugini, chums, sidekicks, knuckleheads, flapjacks, sillies, goofs, gorillas, surfers, comedy partners, filmmakers, big-hearted intellectuals, and other folks working in love and light 😊


I believe there is VALUE in …

1) a sense-of-humor

2) art and artists

3) culture

Thanks for stopping by. Please have a look around.

Brady Calestro

M.Ed., Antioch University

BSc Sociology, London School of Economics