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"...almost inconceivable to an American audience."

 - Abomination Quarterly

Journal of Media, Information, International Relations, and Humanitarian Affairs

"à la fois élégance sophistiquée et bouffonnerie banale."

Le Menteuses, IX

"He's a conquering worm or an implacable shark -- something you can't turn away from."

TIME Magazine

artist's Statement:

I consider myself a "social artist" -- someone who creates ways of behaving, interacting, communicating, collaborating, reciprocating, and experiencing the world together.

Things are not always as they appear. We live in a media landscape where perceptions are constantly being manipulated. As a director, I'm interested in manipulating perceptions in a playful way (see above).


People electrify me, especially young people. I use simple tools to tell outsider stories. Whether it's called "folk filmmaking" or "outsider art", what's important to me is to celebrating the extraordinary stories of everyday heroes. Our sense of humanity is eroding; I hope in some small way my work contributes to its conservation. (Unless the robots win, in which case this is all a joke and all praise be upon our new leaders.)

Currently, I'm interested in producing on-camera, non-localized, creative collaborations that are silly.


April 2024

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All rights reserved.

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