My name is Brady Calestro. I live in New York City. I'm a teacher, a creative, and an entrepreneur. I'm interested in creating new opportunities that involve the intersection of all three.


Along the way, I'm looking for collaborators, friends, cugini, chums, sidekicks, knuckleheads, flapjacks, sillies, goofs, gorillas, surfers, comedy partners, filmmakers, big-hearted intellectuals, and other folks working in love and light 😊


I was educated at the London School of Economics, Antioch University, and the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center founded by master educator, Jerry McAfee. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. -- "the heart of it all".


No, I do not know how to surf. Yet.

I believe there is VALUE in …

1) a sense-of-humor

2) art and artists

3) culture


What shall we talk about?

"...almost inconceivable to an American audience."

Journal of Media, Information, International Relations, and Humanitarian Affairs

"...a big-hearted intellectual type, a cosmopolitan perspective yielding stories of humanity, culture, and humor."

Le Menteuses, IX

"He's a conquering worm or an implacable shark -- something you can't turn away from."

TIME Magazine

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Director / Online educator

artist's Statement:

Things are not always as they appear. We live in a media landscape where our perceptions are constantly being manipulated. Truth is a choice. As a director, I'm interested in manipulating perceptions in a playful way (see above).  

People turn me on. I use simple tools to tell outsider stories. Whether it's called "folk filmmaking" or "outsider art", I celebrate regular people who possess something extraordinary. I fear our sense of humanity is eroding; I hope, in some modest way, my work contributes to the conservation of humanity. (Unless the robots win, in which case this is all a joke and all praise be upon our new leaders.)

I take my humor seriously. It seems like something that's especially important to protect in this day and age, as it's often muddied by personal polemics. Laughter was always the way I made friends, ever since I was a kid.  Let's be friends. 

I'm fascinated by cross-cultural exchange. When it's successful, it's a richly rewarding experience. It sheds light on who and what we are, and on who and what "the other" is. But paradoxically, this process brings us closer together and illuminates what it means to be human. More of that, please. Thank you very much.

Brady Calestro, M.Ed.

May, 2022

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Mondokio International News was an educational resource that allowed high school students to consider multiple perspectives on the same news topic. My objective for this project was to pierce the culturally-specific lens by which everyone perceives the world around them. In its place, the idea was to develop a kind of a global lens for understanding important world events and create a better framework for cross-cultural communication. The service positively impacted hundreds of young people and was used by many educators in several countries. It was also the reason I became a high school teacher. The project ended in 2015.