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Cycle Breakers is a folk documentary about men's mental health that confronts the stigma associated with asking for help. Told through the lens of rural biker culture and a strained relationship between father and son, the film reveals stories of addiction, abuse, and trauma, as well as a son's commitment to breaking the cycle in his own family. It is an intimate portrait of an unlikely hero, and a representation of masculinity in its most virtuous state.

"Growing up with a child psychologist for a father, I never understood the stigma against therapy. At an early age, it was explained to me that dad 'helps kids who are sad or mad'. Everybody has moments where they feel sad or mad. It was all pretty normal. And I was lucky."                                   

                              - Brady Calestro  

"CYCLE BREAKERS" full documentary (2023)

Directed by Brady Calestro
Editing and Cinematography by Mike Kash
Produced by Josh Clark

Running time 40 minutes
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